The concept of FRIENDICK is "CONSEPT POISONING NATURE (concept holical)." Having insurance, like "a thing without a concept is a concept", Uberzeugungserbrechen-conceptual terolizm is devised and "thinker" centering on all radical creators is made to think regardless of motivation control on the theme of "room", and "the pleasant sensation bound by the concept" and "betrayal by the concept" using it.

Now, FRIENDICK accelerates the nonfiction solid "a brain" which continues evolving most in all the universes by the full throttle now, and caused fictitious time travel, and it succeeded in taking contact with the space designer in 2999 "NOSTRAX(DEATH DIXON DESIGN 2999) XARTSON." A "prediction designer" is Distribution(ed) in the present age and "NOW CREATING ..." of the diary is carried out.






 2999/12/15NOT FOUNDICK